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By Rebecca Price Janney, Mar 18 2019 11:59AM

I think for most people, America’s “second war for independence,” the War of 1812, is little known. Maybe you can think of one of two related items—the burning of Washington, D.C. and how the First Couple fled from the White House in the middle of their dinner, or the Battle of New Orleans, or the creation of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

A while back I came across a moving story connected to the Battle of Baltimore, and I’m sharing it with you now on my podcast. Chances are you’ve never heard this one before.

By Rebecca Price Janney, Mar 11 2019 02:13PM

Has your back ever been up against a wall? I’m guessing your answer is “yes”—maybe this is a current thing for you. What was or is your response? I like to look to stories from history for inspiration in my own challenging times, and I think my podcast about the Alamo may encourage you as it has me. A little under five minutes, “Remember the Alamo!” is a story about courage, determination, and rebuilding after tragedy.

By Rebecca Price Janney, Mar 4 2019 03:10PM

Who is your favorite First Lady? One of our most-beloved is Abigail Adams, born to a prominent New England family in 1744. Until 2002, she held the distinction of being the only First Lady whose son was also President of the United States, an honor she now shares with Barbara Bush.

Listen to her inspiring story of love, faith, patriotism, and sacrifice on my podcast,

By Rebecca Price Janney, Feb 25 2019 01:31PM

I've long awaited this special day, when I can invite you to get to know the main characters in my new novel, MORNING GLORY. If you need encouragement, if you're facing opposition, Catherine Harrison and Henry Sharp's story will encourage you. Here's the press release:

508.746.1734, Plymouth, MA

Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.

Morning Glory: A Novel of the First Great Awakening

Rebecca Price Janney

ISBN: 978-1-948888-88-2, Trade Paperback $12.99

ISBN: 978-1-948888-89-9, Paperback $12.99

ISBN: 978-1-948888-90-5, e-book $4.99

Spiritual Renewal Comes to America!

In 1739, American colonists are living in a state of spiritual despair. Signs of life have appeared to some—bringing hope. Catherine Harrison and her father are believers, but he’s desperately ill, and her mother’s choice is for Catherine to marry the wealthy magistrate’s son. Pastor Harrison sends his daughter to William Tennent’s “Log College” with an urgent summons—“Get the German.”

Henry Sharp, the German, is looking for a position when Catherine shows up at the Tennents’ home bearing her father’s mysterious directive. At last, Henry hears, “This is the way, go in it.” But the path is neither easy nor simple. He faces immediate opposition from the church, and he isn’t free to pursue his affections for Catherine.

When the elders force Henry to leave, George Whitefield, evangelist extraordinaire, invites him on a tour through the southern colonies. Catherine sees a potential relationship with Henry slip away. Just before Henry and Whitefield return to Philadelphia months later, Catherine faces a new crisis. Might she have a second chance with Henry?

Morning Glory captures the spirit of the thirteen colonies during the First Great Awakening, which forever changed America and its people. Readers will recognize Whitefield, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards. This is the first book in a series about revivals which shaped American history. Available through Amazon and your local bookstore.

About the Author:

Rebecca Price Janney is the award-winning author of twenty-two books, including her beloved Easton Series. A member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, she earned degrees in history from Lafayette College, Princeton Seminary, and Biblical Seminary. She’s a popular speaker at civic and patriotic organizations, historical societies, schools, libraries, churches, and synagogues, and appears regularly on radio. Her weekly podcast, “Great Stories in American History,” has been gaining a steady following. Rebecca resides with her husband, son, and a slightly spoiled spaniel in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

For more information about Morning Glory, visit, contact Deb Haggerty, 508.746.1734 or schedule an interview or personal appearance, Rebecca Price Janney may be reached at or through


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