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By Rebecca Price Janney, Jul 18 2019 11:49AM

No one who was alive to see the shadwoy image of Neil Armstrong descending the lunar module on July 20, 1970 will ever forget that sight, or his first words on the moon--"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

My podcast this week is dedicated to that epic event and what followed for others who walked on the moon.

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jul 10 2019 12:22PM

Did you know one of the first public readings of the Declaration of Independence took place in Easton, Pennsylvania? (Can you name the other two?)

Every year on the Sunday after July 8th, Easton throws a huge celebration of its rich history, called Easton Heritage Day, This year the event will be held on July 14th, beginning with an ecumenical worship service at 10, followed by town criers arguing for and against independence, then a historic parade and reeanactment of the Declaration of Independence featuring Robert Levers (portrayed by Christopher Black). Colonel Kichline will lead his Flying Camp, along with a host of other reenactors at noon in Centre Square.

There will be walking and trolly tours, open houses, crafters and artisans, music, games, many vendors, and fireworks.

I will also be making an appearance in the parade, with the Colonel. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Here's the story of Easton's reading of the Declaration of Independence:

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 25 2019 08:09PM

We are about to celebrate another Independence Day in the United States with bands playing, flags flying, and fireworks. What do you love best about the holiday? What does it mean to you?

Do you know how the delegates to the Continental Congress reached the conclusion that independence was the best course of action in their struggles with Great Britain? For more about those crucial days surrounding July 4, 1776, listen to my podcast: Just click on the podcast icon on this page to hear this great story in American history.

Feel free to share this story on your social media. And Happy Independence Day!

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 21 2019 01:26PM

Ask the average person who Pocahontas was, and you might get an answer like, “A Disney movie,” “an Indian princess,” or “Elizabeth Warren.” Some may recall she saved a man’s life, or was that just a legend?

I dare say, little is widely known about the historical figure. For example, did you know she took a different name or that she married outside of her tribe?

My podcast this week is dedicated to her life and accomplishments. Listen, and you may be in for some surprises.

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 12 2019 09:33PM

Due to the phenominal success of the Broadway play, "Hamilton," that Founding Father has received a great deal of attention, and scrutiny. I'm often asked what he was really like. I can assure you, he didn't sing Rap or Hip Hop!

He was, however, a complex man, ambitious, passionate, honorable, at times faithful, while at others, faithless. In my podcast this week, I talk about the way he poured himself out in public service, and the manner in which he faced death. His last goodbye to his wife, Eliza, is especially touching.

To hear that story, click the Anchor podcast link on this page,

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