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Endorsements for Easton at the Forks

“A heartwarming read full of memorable characters. If you loved the Mitford series, you’ll love this.”


~ Bill Myers –- Bestselling author of Eli


“What fun! A fantastic representation of the fascinating stories one can uncover when they dive into their genealogy while also capturing the energy and adventure of the search. I wish everyone took the time to tell their story this way.”

~ D. Joshua Taylor -- Nationally known and recognized genealogical author, lecturer, and researcher and a frequent speaker at family history events across the globe. Taylor appears regularly on the TV shows Who Do You Think You Are? and Genealogy Road Show.


“Easton at the Forks allows you to share the voyage of discovery and rediscovery of its heroine through her pain in loss and pride in the revelation of her family’s deep Easton roots and contribution of her ancestors, including Peter Kichline, to the formation of our country.” (Edit)


~ Christyn Olmstead –- Editor, PSSDAR Newsletter 


“Rebecca’s delightful book paints the landscape for a living, breathing Easton of the 1760s. Names we have only read in dry history books come to life. Easton at the Forks is a treat!”


~ Christopher Black -- Artistic Director of the Bachmann Players


“Lovers of American history will especially enjoy this delightful new offering from author Rebecca Price Janney. Filled with both historical and modern details, Easton at the Forks brims with Rebecca’s love for her topic and her joy in bringing this story to readers. Grab this book and snuggle in for a warm and wonderful read!”


~ Marlo Schalesky -- award-winning and multi-published author of Waiting for Wonder


“In her book, Easton at the Forks, Rebecca Price Janney captures a story that is both historical and entertaining as her main character, Erin, strives to learn everything about her ancestral family lineage. Rebecca takes you from the present quest to search the family tree back to the 18th century with actual happenings of Erin’s ancestor’s role in the establishment of this great country we call America. The book is thoroughly enjoyable reading and presents an interesting format between then and now.”


~ Salvatore J. Panto, Jr. -- Mayor, City of Easton, PA


“Rebecca Price Janney weaves a delightful tale of two families intertwined throughout history for all time. This absorbing story traces the heroine's search for a Revolutionary War patriot. I couldn't put it down until I finished – an enjoyable read!”


~ Sara Jane McCurdy -- Southeast District Director, Pennsylvania State Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Endorsements for Easton in the Valley

"Rebecca Price Janney’s Easton in the Valley is a balm to the soul! History lovers and patriots will especially delight in this gentle read that brings both modern day and historical Easton to life, giving readers a glimpse into colonial history both then and now. Through warm characters and settings filled with detail, Janney weaves the stories of historical characters entering the struggle for a nation with the story of a woman whose parents are facing the struggles of their latter years.  Easton in the Valley invites readers to honor and embrace the whole of their heritage in both its difficulties and its triumphs."


 ~ Marlo Schalesky, multi-published, award-winning author of Waiting for Wonder and Wrestling with Wonder



"This book should be a New York Times bestseller!"


 ~ Scott Shultz, Past President, Patriotic Order Sons of America



"Thank you for this great story, which centers so much about ancestry and home... I thank you for a wonderful book."


 ~ Missy D.



"The story speaks to me on so many levels. . . Rebecca’s writing style is wonderful. It is so readable. She’s a great storyteller."


 ~ Carolyn B.


"The characters are so real. Their struggles are so real. I cared about them deeply. "


 ~ Dan R.


"No matter where you grew up, thinking about "what it was like" so many years ago is beautifully portrayed through this book and relatable to all. I love a book that makes me eager for the next in the series!"


 ~ Debra G.


"It is amazing how many things in the books I can identify with."


 ~ Cheryl Q.