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Endorsements for Morning Glory

Rebecca Price Janney’s novel brings the First Great Awakening to life through the eyes of compelling characters. Readers can identify with these young Christians who demonstrate great faith and human vulnerability as they witness Whitefield’s fervent ministry. Morning Glory artfully tells the true story of a revival that shaped early American Christianity and the first Great Awakening. In doing so, it brings Whitefield’s passionate message into the present, challenging readers to follow Jesus wholeheartedly today.  


--Bill Curtis, President Christian History Institute



Morning Glory, a Novel of the First Great Awakening, provides a historically accurate account that is enjoyable to read, as well as interesting and thought-provoking. Rebecca Price Janney does a remarkable job telling this story by engaging the reader with diverse characters, striking descriptions, poignant moments, and an attention to historical detail.

—Sue A. Fairchild, editor, and author of What You Think You Know


“Rebecca’s memorable characters provide a vivid and endearing glimpse into this fascinating time in history. She has an ease in her storytelling that draws readers in and keeps them engaged until the satisfying conclusion. Morning Glory is a gem.”


--Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling author of the Father Christmas novels that inspired three Hallmark original movies, and Victim of Grace.



At Home in Mitford meets the First Great Awakening. What a delightful stroll through the colonial world of George Whitefield, Ben Franklin, William and Catherine Tennent, and Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. Romantic intrigue and theological controversy with some keen insights into human longing. A good read.

--Barry Hankins, Professor of History, Baylor University



It’s enjoyable to see the people I’ve researched and written about come to life in Rebecca Price Janney’s Morning Glory: A Novel of the First Great Awakening. I found it riveting and refreshing to walk with her characters page-by-page as they grapple with the challenges and controversies of their day. Though the book’s setting is three centuries removed from us, my hope is that modern readers will discover the timeless—and in some cases life changing—lessons embedded in this engaging narrative of the extraordinary time when God “visited” America."


--John F. Hansen, Author of The Vision That Changed A Nation: The Legacy of William Tennent


"It's easy to forget the rich spiritual heritage of my native Southeastern Pennsylvania, but Janney's Morning Glory brought it to life for me through the characterizations of theological giants and their places in the supernatural drama of the First Great Awakening. Retelling the story of revival through the eyes of common believers, Morning Glory is sure to please lovers of Christian historical fiction and inspirational romance alike."  

--Kaylena Radcliff, author of the Torchlighters: Corrie Ten Boom biography


The first Great Awakening is an often-overlooked and yet rich and fascinating period of American history. I love how Rebecca Price Janney has brought this beautiful time of revival to life through attention to historical detail and characters you just want to root for from beginning to end! What a treat to immerse in this remarkable time period of history, walk the streets of Colonial America with Janney’s characters, and meet legends such as Ben Franklin, George Whitefield, and William Tennant. Lovers of history will delight in this latest offering from Rebecca Price Janney!


—Marlo Schalesky, award-winning author of Reaching for Wonder, Encountering Christ When Life Hurts


In her newest book, Morning Glory, Rebecca Price Janney transports her reader back to 1739 and the early years of the Great Awakening.  Henry Sharp, a young graduate of William Tennent’s Log College, travels to Philadelphia to help an ailing Presbyterian minister, and a spark of love ignites between him and the pastor’s daughter. However, another suitor waits in the wings. William Tennent, George Whitefield, and Benjamin Franklin figure prominently in the story.  Rebecca captures the tension between the New Side revivalists and the Old Side traditionalists.  Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down.  This is a must read for anyone longing for another Great Awakening.

--Wendy Wirsch, President, William Tennent House Association