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Peter Kichline and Erin Miles are trying to make sense of life after losing their spouses. As Sheriff of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, he’s on the trail of an elusive thief, finding that challenge much easier to deal with than running a household. A few Easton ladies are more than a little willing to help— which poses its own challenges.


Erin doesn’t have her work to turn to after being denied the promotion she counted on, nor has she been close to her family since leaving Easton after college. When she stumbles upon a TV show about ancestry, Erin’s inspired to search for her own mysterious roots. Discovering Peter Kichline completely changes her life, even as she starts drawing closer to the family and

the town she only thought she knew.


Written in the tradition of Jan Karon’s beloved Mitford Series, Easton at the Forks is a heart-warming story about two people, two centuries apart, joined by loss, blood ties, and Easton, a winsome place that beckons everyone to “Come home.”



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Easton at the Forks (Elk Lake Publishing)


Erin Miles has reached a personal and professional milestone—she’s “Doctor Miles” at last! Expecting teaching offers to fill her inbox, she’s soon trolling through The Chronicle of Higher Education for a position, any position. Somehow, though, what few jobs there are would take the recent widow away from her family and friends. As she considers what to do next, she’s thrust into the role of caregiver when her parents both face health emergencies. Her real passion lies with researching her Easton-based ancestry, especially her intriguing six times great-grandfather, Sheriff Peter Kichline. Just when she thinks no doors will open to teach, she’s faced with some unusual offers, a promising romance with an Easton historian, and decisions that will impact her young son and family.


In 1774 Peter Kichline is about to retire from serving his second term as Northampton County’s sheriff. He’s looking forward to settling into the quieter rhythms of home life, running his mills, and helping oversee the building of Easton’s first church building. Unfortunately, the rest of the country isn’t in the same mindset. Trouble has been brewing in Massachusetts, culminating in the Boston Tea Party, followed by the first shots of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord. Peter’s mother always taught him, “To whom much is given much is required.” The question he’s facing is—just how much is enough?


Join Peter and Erin in their valleys of decision with this second book in Rebecca Price Janney’s engaging Easton Series!






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Easton in the Valley (Elk Lake Publishing)

Easton in the Valley Cover Easton at the Crossroads Cover

Easton at the Crossroads (Elk Lake Publishing)

What happens when you do everything right, but life turns out all wrong? Erin Miles and Peter Kichline have made critical decisions impacting not only themselves but their families and community. They were careful. Deliberate. And still the outcome isn’t favorable. Revolution has come to Northampton County, igniting patriots with the publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Others are aflame with indignation—breaking away from Great Britain is sheer madness! Moravians and Mennonites want to avoid armed conflict at all costs. Peter is accused of dragging his heels and accepting a bribe to put the brakes on the patriots, tarnishing his sterling reputation. A far less experienced officer is chosen to command Northampton County’s Flying Camp. Will Peter recapture his standing in time, or will the untested novice lead the men to battle? Will he be home for the birth of his next child? Erin has always loved teaching, so why does she feel so out of sorts? And why does one student disdain her so much he turns to threats? Her ailing parents can’t be in the same room together, and her preteen son develops an aversion for school and a fondness for cell phones. Her new church and DAR chapter aren’t what she’s used to, and she has a misunderstanding with the man she thought just might figure into her future. Easton at the Crossroads is book three in the much-loved Easton Series about two people, two hundred years apart, joined by blood ties, parallel experiences, and a winsome town beckoning “come home.”



Rebecca Price Janney is the award-winning author of twenty one books, including Easton in the Valley and Easton at the Forks, Great Women in American History, and Then Comes Marriage? A Cultural History of the American Family. A native of the Lehigh Valley, she’s an ardent history buff and member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Valley Forge Chapter. Rebecca earned degrees from Lafayette College, Princeton Seminary, and Biblical Seminary, which focused on various aspects of American history, knowledge she shares widely as a popular speaker. She resides with her husband, son, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in suburban Philadelphia.




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Morning Glory (Elk Lake Publishing)

In 1739, American colonists are living in a state of spiritual despair. Signs of life have appeared to some—bringing hope. Catherine Harrison and her father are believers, but he’s desperately ill, and her mother’s choice is for Catherine to marry the wealthy magistrate’s son. Pastor Harrison sends his daughter to William Tennent’s “Log College” with an urgent summons—“Get the German.”

Henry Sharp, the German, is looking for a position when Catherine shows up at the Tennents’ home bearing her father’s mysterious directive. At last, Henry hears, “This is the way, go in it.” But the path is neither easy nor simple. He faces immediate opposition from the church, and he isn’t free to pursue his affections for Catherine.

When the elders force Henry to leave, George Whitefield, evangelist extraordinaire, invites him on a tour through the southern colonies. Catherine sees a potential relationship with Henry slip away. Just before Henry and Whitefield return to Philadelphia months later, Catherine faces a new crisis. Might she have a second chance with Henry?

Morning Glory captures the spirit of the thirteen colonies during the First Great Awakening, which forever changed America and its people. Readers will recognize Whitefield, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards. This is the first book in a series about revivals which shaped American history.





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