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By Rebecca Price Janney, Jul 3 2018 12:27PM

Hear ye! Hear ye! Elk Lake Publishing has just released Rebecca Price Janney’s third book in the Easton Series, Easton at the Crossroads!

When you do the right thing, shouldn’t life fall into place? Not for them. Probably not for you.

Revolution has come to Northampton County! Publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, is igniting many with patriotism. Others, however, are aflame with indignation—breaking away from Great Britain is sheer madness! Moravians and Mennonites stand apart, wanting to avoid armed conflict. Peter Kichline is caught in the fray while protecting his reputation from a vicious rumor.

Erin Miles is facing the outcome of life-changing decisions, but her teaching job is turning into an ill-fitting fiasco, her ailing parents can’t be in the same room together, and her preteen son develops an aversion for school and a fondness for cell phones. The man she might have a future with brings disappointment.

These are the times that try Peter and Erin’s souls. What they thought was going to be solid ground has become sinking sand.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve done all you can to bring about a positive outcome, so why isn’t life turning out right? Peter and Erin’s journey in Easton at the Crossroads will encourage you. This book, and the others in the Easton Series are available at,, and your local book seller.

Launch Events

Wednesday, July 4th, 10-Noon

(With Colonel Peter Kichline and his Northampton County Flying Camp)

The George Taylor House, Catasauqua, PA

Saturday, July 7th, Morning

Easton Farmer’s Market, Easton, PA

(With Colonel Peter Kichline and his Northampton County Flying Camp)

Easton Heritage Day, Sunday, July 8th, 1 PM - ?

First United Church of Christ, on North Third Street

(With Colonel Peter Kichline)

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