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By Rebecca Price Janney, Sep 18 2017 01:10PM

Writing Contest:

Create a Character for Book Three in the Easton Series—Easton at the Crossroads!

Do you have the “write stuff?”

Author Rebecca Price Janney is offering readers an opportunity to create a new character to come alongside Peter Kichline and Erin Miles.

Try your hand at developing either an 18th century or 21st century character (male or female). Choose their name, what they look like, their personality traits, and any other interesting qualities they have, and show why they would be a good fit to be included in Easton at the Crossroads.

This third book in the series will take place for Peter at the beginning of the Revolutionary War in Easton, Pennsylvania, roughly from the publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense (January 1776) to February 1777. Peter is serving as Colonel of the Northampton County Flying Camp, which sees action and sustains major losses in August at the Battle of Brooklyn.

Twenty-first century Erin is a year-and-a-half into widowhood and has just moved with her son to Easton where she’s accepted a temporary, possibly permanent, position at Lafayette College. Almost from the beginning, however, aspects of her life don’t turn out the way she’d hoped.

A big question Peter and Erin are facing is universal to most people—why, when you think you’re doing the right thing, when you’ve prayed and believed you heard God’s answer, are things going so badly?

To be qualified:

Unlike most writing contests, there’s no entrance fee. Nor do you have to have been published before, but you will need to purchase and read both Easton at the Forks and Easton in the Valley to be able to create a believable character.

Submit your name, email address, and the following:

In 250-500 words (double spaced, in a Word or PDF attachment), a complete description of your character and how he or she will fit into the story line.

Send your entries by October 31st to:

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