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By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 5 2019 07:07PM

This podcast is in honor of the brave men who stormed Normandy's beaches on a pivotal day in Word War II, 75 years ago this week. My father was among those young men of destiny who, along with his company, landed at Omaha. A year ago, one of my closest friends stood on that beach and put a small photo of my dad along a memorial wall. Then she brought back a few stones for me. I would very much like to go there myself in the near future to pay my respects.

Thank you to all those who served, for their bravery, commitment to liberty, and sacrifice. Many never returned to their loved ones. What they secured, was no less than our life as a free people.

You can hear this great story in American history by clicking on the Anchor Podcast link on this web page, or by going to:

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