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By Rebecca Price Janney, Jul 26 2019 02:46PM

I grew up with the space race and followed every launch and mission with the zeal of what I hoped would be a future astronaut. My oldest cousin contributed to my fervor through his work as a rocket scientist, one of over 400,000 people who helped Apollo 11 reach the moon. Like the rest of the world, I was enthralled by that "one giant leap for mankind."

Less than a year later, Apollo 11 began its voyage to the moon in textbook style, but the mission was met with a loud yawn around the country. Been there, done that. Two hundred thousand miles from Earth, all that changed with two explosions. Now people everywhere held their breath and prayed for the safe return of the three astronauts, Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert.

In my podcast, which you can click to hear on the icon on this page, I tell the riveting story of Apollo 13. I hope the courage, faith, determination, and perserverance of those involved encourage you wherever you are on your life's journey, whether smooth sailing like Apollo 11, or the nail-biting Apollo 13.

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