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Great Stories in American History-


By Rebecca Price Janney, Jan 14 2019 03:15PM

Who inspires you, giving you hope as you walk through your life? During his many years as a public servant, Ronald Reagan was well-known for his cheerful optimism about life, and our nation. Here are some heart-warming accounts for you on a cold January day.

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jan 7 2019 01:13PM

I love stories about Abraham Lincoln, the humble frontier boy who walked miles to borrow a book and read by weak cabin light to better himself, the man who overcame personal sorrow and political defeat on a bumpy ride to the pinnacle of human success. Did you know what he most wanted to be remembered for, though? Here’s a hint—January 1, 1863.

For the full story listen to this week’s podcast at:

By Rebecca Price Janney, Dec 31 2018 01:15PM

Do you have any personal connections to the Vietnam War? If so, the title of this blog probably brings back memories. A former neighbor and friend told me he was a 21 year-old Marine who awakened on the morning of the Tet Offensive feeling as if Hell were converging on him and his buddies. The North Vietnamese had chosen their new year to celebrate what they hoped would be a huge victory over the South Vietnamese and their American allies. They were not exactly dancing in the streets when the effort ended.

Here’s a story about that campaign, and one captain who, though languishing at the “Hanoi Hilton” as a prisoner of war, was able to carry on because of his faith—John McCain.

Tet Offensive (Wikipedia images)
Tet Offensive (Wikipedia images)

By Rebecca Price Janney, Dec 20 2018 02:29PM

Every Christmas I look forward to hearing on the radio one of my favorite childhood songs of the season. You know the one, about Snoopy and the Red Baron locked in mortal conflict in their vintage planes during World War One? You might not realize that as whimsical as the song is, it’s based on something that actually did happen.

As I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, here is my gift to you—the true story of the 1914 Christmas Truce. Merry Christmas mein friends!

By Rebecca Price Janney, Dec 10 2018 02:02PM

Several years ago, Dr. David Crawford of Princeton Seminary shared this heartwarming story with me about Albert Einstein. Professor Einstein lived in the neighborhood surrounding the seminary, and Crawford often saw him on walks, and even in Miller Chapel for services. No one ever expected, however, to receive a gift from Einstein one evening just before Christmas.

Listen to the story at

Albert Einstein - Courtesy of Wiki Commons
Albert Einstein - Courtesy of Wiki Commons
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