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By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 25 2019 08:09PM

We are about to celebrate another Independence Day in the United States with bands playing, flags flying, and fireworks. What do you love best about the holiday? What does it mean to you?

Do you know how the delegates to the Continental Congress reached the conclusion that independence was the best course of action in their struggles with Great Britain? For more about those crucial days surrounding July 4, 1776, listen to my podcast: Just click on the podcast icon on this page to hear this great story in American history.

Feel free to share this story on your social media. And Happy Independence Day!

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 21 2019 01:26PM

Ask the average person who Pocahontas was, and you might get an answer like, “A Disney movie,” “an Indian princess,” or “Elizabeth Warren.” Some may recall she saved a man’s life, or was that just a legend?

I dare say, little is widely known about the historical figure. For example, did you know she took a different name or that she married outside of her tribe?

My podcast this week is dedicated to her life and accomplishments. Listen, and you may be in for some surprises.

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 12 2019 09:33PM

Due to the phenominal success of the Broadway play, "Hamilton," that Founding Father has received a great deal of attention, and scrutiny. I'm often asked what he was really like. I can assure you, he didn't sing Rap or Hip Hop!

He was, however, a complex man, ambitious, passionate, honorable, at times faithful, while at others, faithless. In my podcast this week, I talk about the way he poured himself out in public service, and the manner in which he faced death. His last goodbye to his wife, Eliza, is especially touching.

To hear that story, click the Anchor podcast link on this page,

By Rebecca Price Janney, Jun 5 2019 07:07PM

This podcast is in honor of the brave men who stormed Normandy's beaches on a pivotal day in Word War II, 75 years ago this week. My father was among those young men of destiny who, along with his company, landed at Omaha. A year ago, one of my closest friends stood on that beach and put a small photo of my dad along a memorial wall. Then she brought back a few stones for me. I would very much like to go there myself in the near future to pay my respects.

Thank you to all those who served, for their bravery, commitment to liberty, and sacrifice. Many never returned to their loved ones. What they secured, was no less than our life as a free people.

You can hear this great story in American history by clicking on the Anchor Podcast link on this web page, or by going to:

By Rebecca Price Janney, May 26 2019 07:35PM

Thanks fo my Facebook friend, Joyce Hemphill, for sharing with me the moving story of her father, who was a POW of the Germans during WWII. In the final days of the war, Staff Sergeant Clemens "C.J." Rosen and his fellow prisoners faced an ordeal as their freedom from captivity drew near. Their liberation did not come easily.

As you listen to his account on my podcast, Great Stories in American History with Rebecca Price Janney, I hope you'll be moved to thank God for all the men and women who sacrificed so much so we can live in freedom.

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