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Remembering 9.11

By Rebecca Price Janney, Sep 11 2018 02:44PM

If you were at least five years old on that deceptively beautiful day seventeen years ago, you remember where you were. I don’t think any of us will ever forget the images of planes crashing deliberately into buildings or people jumping from them, or the Twin Towers plunging to their ruin, scenes that are seared into our imaginations. Just the other day I saw a trailer related to a video from the early 1980s, an action movie in which a plane flew into a building and, shuddering, I had to look away.

Although much “ink has been spilled” describing the events of September 11, 2001, words still fail many of us as we process the day on an emotional level. Something primal happened, and we took it very personally. Even if we didn’t know anyone involved or affected by the tragedy, all Americans were attacked on 9.11. I remember one of my friends saying she was getting condolences from people she knew in other countries.

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