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Reflections on the PSSDAR Book Club Featuring Easton at the Forks

By Rebecca Price Janney, Apr 9 2018 01:29PM

Initially State Librarian Maggie Everly told me to plan for about 75 people for last Thursday’s Book Club event. Last week she emailed me—registration rose to 133! I knew we were in for an exciting evening at the Wyndham Gettysburg.

The hotel staff did a top-flight job setting up the room, including two tall chairs with a table in between for Maggie and me. At the back, DAR Pages proficiently managed the book table. In the front row, members of my Valley Forge Chapter waited expectantly with others occupying different parts of the room. I felt such warmth being surrounded by old friends and new, as well as the presence of my sixth cousin, another direct descendant of Peter Kichline, Miles Kachlein Dechant and his wife Betty.

Maggie and our enthusiastic State Regent, Cynthia Sweeney, brought such energy to the room. I couldn’t help but be jazzed, and then Maggie’s questions were so meaningful and fun: “Tell us about an Aha Moment during your research” and “How do you view the Revolution differently after writing this book?” Then the audience got to participate.

One of the things that touched me the most was how much they love Peter Kichline and Erin Miles. A few said they identified with these characters’ lives. The books I’ve treasured the most have had winsome characters whom I came to care about deeply. Many said they either had already read Easton in the Valley or couldn’t wait to read it, and how much they’re looking forward to book three, Easton at the Crossroads.

A really fun part was when I got to give a shout-out to a dear friend from my chapter who inspired the character of Sydney Stordahl, Christyn Olmstead, former Regent and current Registrar for the Valley Forge Chapter.

I’ve done many events over the years to promote my books, and this one will be right up there with my favorites. Thank you Pennsylvania Daughters for a magical evening!

Rebecca Price Janney with Maggie Everly
Rebecca Price Janney with Maggie Everly
Apr 9 2018 02:01PM by Alice J Keiner

Enjoyed reading the first two & look forward to the third. You made me feel like I was part of the journey. See you at the "Crossroads".

Apr 9 2018 02:17PM by Rebecca PriceJanney

How very nice Alice! Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you there as well.

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