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In Honor of VE Day - May 8, 1945

By Rebecca Price Janney, May 8 2019 12:33PM

Did you ever feel as if you were part of a historical event but weren't alive to witness what happened? In a way, that's what VE Day is like for me. I wasn't even close to being there, but my parents were, and my aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Their descriptions have become part of my own narrative.

That blessed day must've come as a huge sigh of relief after six years of grueling warfare with casualities in the tens of millions. A collective breath was held as people wondered, would evil dictators and generals have their way, or would, as we put it when I was a girl, "the good guys win?"

Thanks be to God, the good guys did win. M y dad had a front row seat to the end of the fighting while my mother was back home, dancing in the streets if I know her at all. Dad was somewhere in Germany, liberating a concentration camp shortly after the victory celebration.

My podcast this week is in honor of that day, and those who lived, and died, to make the victory possible. I would love to hear any of your stories of family members who witnessed VE Day.

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