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Announcing - A New Book Series with Elk Lake Publishing!

By Rebecca Price Janney, May 7 2018 02:16PM

I have the pleasure of making an especially happy announcement—I just signed a new book contract!

Several years ago I had the idea of writing novels about people who got caught up in revivals that have swept through America at various, unexpected, times. I’ve been interested in these unusual, exciting events since I attended my husband’s college reunion in 1995, the 25th anniversary of the Asbury College Revival of February 1970. Like other revivals, this one occurred during a time of change, unrest, and uncertainty.

The first book in what will be the Morning in America series is called Morning Glory, the story of a man and a woman during the First Great Awakening of the 1730s. Although the male and female characters are fictional, readers will recognize Benjamin Franklin, George Whitefield, and Jonathan Edwards, among other historical characters who populate the pages.

My publisher is Elk Lake, which also does my Easton Series. Hip hip huzzah!

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