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A Humorous Look at Chief Justice John Marshall

By Rebecca Price Janney, Oct 22 2018 01:45PM

I just love stories about Americans from the past, especially anecdotes that reveal their humanity. When I was growing up, I devoured biographies of figures like Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. I wanted to be an overcomer like they were, to be honorable and a blessing to my family, friends, and community. When we know the stories behind our leaders, they often give us glimpses into our own souls. We also get to know them apart from their exalted status as national icons, to see how human they really were.

Today I’m sharing a couple of stories about the 19th century Supreme Court Justice John Marshall. You might immediately picture him as a tall, straight man, dignified and a bit aloof. A quick listen to my podcast will put him in a different light! Enjoy.

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